TRUST - blockchain powered infrastructure for restaurant efficiency boost


Restaurant Industry


Eating outside of our own kitchen shapes our lives to a degree never seen before. It comes as no surprise then that the restaurant industry is one multi-billion. What is surprising is that it lacks the efficiency of comparable industries.

There is no such thing as a hospitality global marketplace. Cash flow management is outdated and a hindrance to entrepreneurs. Staff rotation and dishonesty are on a scale unheard of in any other industry.

Introducing TRUST


New era marketplace for restaurants, where they transparently and directly buy products using secure blockchain technology and optimize their inhouse processes with AI algorithms.


Core Team

We have abundant experience in managing large groups of employees, as well as small specialized task forces. We have run ocean-crossing marketing campaigns and have been in charge of budgets and projects worth millions of USD.

  • Norbert Redkie Founder & Chief Executive Officer
  • Igor Kaleński Co-founder & Strategist
  • Magda Borowik Research & Development
  • dr. Andrzej Walitza Head of Finance


  • Jarek Ceborski Marketplace Product Designer
  • Marcela Otulakowska Marketplace Project Manager
  • Marcin Majchrzak Blockchain Developer
  • Katarzyna Jagieła Blockchain Developer
  • Dennis van der Vecht Blockchain Account Executive


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